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Q: Why can I only create an account on HavorNeed if I have a Facebook account? There really is no other way to do it?
A: Not at the present time, no. As we continue to grow, we are looking at other ways to allow users to join our site. Our intent with HavorNeed is to create a safe and trustworthy community of people looking to find things they need or get rid of things they have. With close to 700 million users, Facebook was a great place for us to start building our trusted community off of.
Q: Couldn't I just create a fake Facebook account and post to the site that way?
A: Sure you could. but eventually you will get banned by Facebook and your account would also then be shut down by us. Also, why wouldn't you just skip that and setup one for yourself instead?
Q: I went to sign-up and it looks like you are asking for everything but my social security number - what gives?
A: Honestly, it looks a lot worse than it actually is. We really just try to make your life easier by collecting your Name, Photo, Email, and Location from Facebook. To grab those items we have to ask for larger bits of data but we don't really use anything else. As far as giving up your location we only use this for our distance calculations and to help give you posts near your home. We don't get like a GPS tracking on you... just a zip code (which we convert to a GENERAL longitude and latitude). If you have any further questions about this, feel free to just drop us a line.
Q: How come when I mark a post as "Fulfilled", it goes away?
A: Why would you want it out there still if it is fulfilled?
Q: Why do you call it HavorNeed and not Have or Need?
A: We own both domain names, but we once had a dinosaur named Havor and thought we would name the site after him. Sort of a tribute website in a discreet way.
Q: Why am I not seeing any posts? This is lame.
A: First, check the radius you have set in your Settings area. If you have a range set and no posts have been made near you, that may be why. Try setting the radius to "No Radius" and you should see some then. If you don't still, let us know using the bug reporting form at the top of the page. That will help us make HavorNeed better. Also, please remember that HavorNeed is a relatively new service, and we need your help to make it be awesome! Take some time to make a post local to you and share it on your Facebook Wall. This will help more people learn about just how awesome HavorNeed is!